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Designing intuitively

Build your idea into a product. Design and programming skills are no longer necessary to create a product. With this one tool kit STUDIO, you can make your idea into a real product regardless of your skill knowledge.

Design withdrag and drop

Complete a layout with simple drags and drops by adding the elements you want to include on your product. Let’s experience the STUDIO’s original layout placement on the right.
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Effortless design with components.

To help you create the layouts easier, STUDIO has pre-designed block and text components to give you a head start. Of course, you can freely adjust them to your liking. Not only the components, but STUDIO has also equipped you with the range of stylish images and icons for you to choose.

Rich and flexible design

STUDIO’s layouts are all responsive design. There is no need to adjust to various devices to fit the design. Also, you can make the interactive design, such as scrolling and fixed blocks, with flexibility that cannot be demonstrated through other design tools.

Using real data

While most of the design tools emphasis on the visual problems, STUDIO focuses on both the components and data sources. Designing with real data not only helps you find solutions to the visual problems, but it also helps you solve product and interaction problems.

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  • #instablue

  • #instadaily

  • #hawaiianfoods

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Input the data and apply it on the design!

Preview withmulti devices

It is easy to check on the real device by scanning the QR code. You can share your product at anytime, wherever you are. With STUDIO, everyone can work together at the real time, as if the team is looking at one screen.