The next generation web design platform

The design and development flow is completely divided. Designers are still relying on illustration and photo-editing tools to express themselves. STUDIO is a new type of tool that tries to do away with any abstraction. What you see is REALLY what you get.

Our Team

Yutaka Ishii

CEO / Design Chief

Yutaka developed a travel service called Travee and subsequently sold the business to the largest domestic travel company in Japan. He joined STUDIO in 2016 bringing with him his strong commitment to design and to improving STUDIO's user experience

Keima Kai

CPO / Founder

As a student, Keima was already working as a freelance engineer when he realized the need to merge the world of design and coding together. After working for several startup companies, he joined OHAKO, a UX UI company, where the project which would become STUDIO first emerged. Keima's specialty lies in interaction design and product engineering.

Yuki Morota


Yuki is a professional web developer for 4 years. His main focus is machine learning and infrastructure.


Company Information

3-1-1, Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyoformation


Yutaka Ishii

Established in

April, 2016